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We’ve Already Helped Hundreds Of People Transition To This Rewarding
Business…And We Want To Help YOU Get Started In As Little As 7 Days

Best Part: NO Previous Experience Or Education Is Required
…And We’ll Provide Your Training At No Cost To You

Dear Frustrated Entrepreneur,

It’s no secret the economy is in the pits.

Over 4.4 million jobs have been lost since 2007. Unemployment has risen to 8.6% according to recent data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

And it’s going to take awhile for the American economy to dig out of this rut.

However, there is an exciting, stable career that’s immune to ANY economic downturn.

You see, we’ve already helped hundreds of people transition into this business where they earn, on average, $75,000/year.

In fact, some have built large businesses and now earn $150,000 and HIGHER per year.

And the best part is you don’t need any more formal education…or ANY experience to get started.

In fact,

You Could Earn Your First Paycheck
In As Little As 7 Days!

Hi, my name is Diane Lampe. I have helped hundreds of people like you transition into this stable, rewarding, and lucrative business since 2006.

We have our own training center in Dallas, Texas where we teach people like you how to experience success immediately.

Here’s a picture from one of our Fast-Track To Success Bootcamps where I’m teaching agents how to boost their income in their new business:

Dianespan style=”font-family: Verdana, serif; font-size: medium;”>We also provide distance learning through webinars, teleseminars and training modules so you can get started on your new business from the comfort of your home.

Why did we do this?
We’ll tell you why a little later. But for now let us be up-front and tell you…

What This Job Opportunity Is NOT:

    • This is NOT MLM.
      You won’t have to pester friends and family to purchase anything.
    • This is NO GIMMICK.
      This is a legitimate career where you’re selling an in-demand service that helps protect families.
    • You don’t have to go from door-to-door or cold-call.
      We provide all the leads you need to be successful.
    • This is not a “get rich quick” scheme.
      You WILL have to be committed and put forth effort to succeed.

You see, I know the difficulties you’re going through right now.

Why? Because:

I Know What It’s Like To Hit Rock Bottom!

I was in another business that suffered an economic downturn. I ended up with over $175,000 in credit card debt and was within days of losing everything.

It was a gut-wrenching feeling. But I was determined to NEVER put my family and myself in that position ever again.

I then met someone who worked for a company that protects families’ financial assets and their homes. The training was FREE so I figured I had nothing to lose.

So I took action and made $5000 by the next weekend. And then the money just kept growing and growing—to the point I ended up with a million dollar-per-year business!

Then we needed help! Things got so big we needed to hire and train people to handle the extra business. We even built our own Learning and Training Center in Dallas TX to handle the demand.

Last year we grew by 12% and in 2012 we’re looking to grow faster. And that’s why we’re looking for YOU to join our team!

A PROVEN Business That’ll Allow You To Earn
$50-$100,000 Or More (No Experience Necessary)!

So who are we? We are part of an organization who has an oversupply of leads we cannot possibly follow up with ourselves.

There is a HUGE demand for insurance these days since people are losing their jobs because of the economy—thus leaving them uninsured.

Plus more people want to protect their assets so they can safeguard their families and sleep better at night in these uncertain times. This includes their homes and retirement funds…

This means this is a great career opportunity for you!

New Photo Pending

Who Says You Have to Have a Ton of Experience?

“I’ve gotta tell you, we were doing well until Michigan’s economy went into a downturn…we had to do something and do something right away! We wanted to find a home where people cared and be part of a family of like-minded people not caught up in what they can’t do. We wanted to be associated and learn from winners, and then is when we decided to join Diane! With all the systems in place, we just follow the lead and make money doing good things for others each and every day! We are helping others do the same now as well! “

Bridget & Ryan P


In fact, listed insurance sales as one of the top 10 recession-proof careers in the U.S.—so this is an awesome time to make a career transition!

Our agents have already helped more than 35,000 families protect their assets. But we have more business we can handle and we need your help!

And the best part is:

Our Training Is 100% FREE
Unlike Other Companies!

Most career transitions consist of a huge “learning curve” and require you to put in long hours before you start seeing results.

Either that, or they require you to pay thousands of dollars for training and continuing education.

Not with us!

Like I mentioned before, we have our own National Training and Development Center here in Dallas, Texas where we hold our FREE industry-leading bootcamp: Fast Track To Income Success.

There are also 60+ weekly training events throughout the U.S. that’ll give you the tools you need to succeed with your new career.

New Agents in Training

New Agents taking advantage of our FREE training at the Lampe Center in Dallas, TX.

We also help you with online training you can access anywhere…including online webinars, teleseminars, and downloadable training modules.

This is where you’ll discover our proven and tested strategies our students have used to build their new businesses.

You can do this! If you can follow simple instructions, then you have what it takes to succeed in your new career helping people protect their assets!

But that’s not all:

We’ll Also Give You A Mentor That’ll
Put You On The Fast Track To Success!

It’s one thing to go through our training to learn the skills you need to succeed.

However, it’s another thing to have someone right there willing to walk you through every step of your professional growth.

That’s why we’ll also match you with a mentor who will help you transition and succeed with your new career. This practically ensures your success and gives you an opportunity to bounce ideas off someone when you have questions.

So you’ll be in business for yourself—but you won’t be left alone. That’s how dedicated we are to your success! We basically give you every tool you need to succeed in your new career.

And there’s absolutely NO limit to how much you can earn. It depends on your dedications and commitment.


You Can Get Started Full-Time Or Part-Time
And Set Your OWN Schedule!

You have many options regarding how you want to get started with your new career.

If you have a job right now but are looking for other options out there, you can get started working just a couple hours a week part time.

Has Full Time Job With Fortune 500 Company

“I have a full time job with a Fortune 500 company. I’m keeping my name confidential so that my boss doesn’t find out how much money I am making and want to join in. But let me tell you that I just do this part time in between my full time time job and taking my kids to soccer practice.   The extra income helps so much to be able to provide even more for my family and not worry about how I am going to pay all those unexpected extras that just crop up with kids and family.”

Mr. X


Or if you decided to go “all-out” you can work a full-time schedule.

Keep in mind if you decide to go part-time, you can always transition into full-time work when you feel the time is right.

And remember, you can work wherever you want…whenever you want. It could be from your home…or our office if you choose!

We believe when you start achieving great success with your new business and find out what it’s like to be in control of YOUR destiny, you’ll never look back!

Now I’m sure you’re wondering:

“So, How Much Can I Earn?”

Part-time agents earn on average between $42,000 to $47,000 per year. And full-time agents earn on average between $75,000 and $105,000.

There are also opportunities to advance to Agency Manager where you could earn 1 to 10 times that amount.

In fact, many of our new agents have become agency managers within one year or less!

New Photo Pending

Former College Professor Changing Even More Lives!

“I started out in 2008 just wanting to supplement my income, but then helping so many families got into my heart.  My part time income was $80,000 in 2009!

Then, in 2010 I made the decision to go full time and my income really took off.  I made over $100,000 in 2010 and over $175,000 in 2011 and by doing good things for others.  And, best of all, I am teaching others to do the same too!   I also earned a great trip to the Dominican Republic and I will never miss another one!

If you are looking for mentorship and leadership to be the best you can be, the Lampes will help you as they have helped me!”

Amylia S.

St. Louis, MO

But remember this: Your earning ability depends on your dedication and effort.

But the good new is there’s no limit to how much you can earn unlike most jobs where there’s a ceiling on your income!

So what are you waiting for?

Now’s The Time To Get
Started With Your New Life!

Like I mentioned before, the economy is in a rut and it’s not going to get better anytime soon.

You can either keep searching the job boards and submitting hundreds of applications and resumes…

Or you can take a chance and schedule your 1-on-1 appointment below to find out more.

You’ll talk to either Diane, me, or one of our top mentors and we’ll just have a friendly chat to see if this will be a good fit for you.

You literally have nothing to lose. It’s just 10-30 minutes of your time but it could be the start of a lucrative, rewarding business for you.

Made More Money in Five Months than 18 Months Selling Health and Medicare Products!

“Prior to getting involved with The Lampe Company, I spent over 15 years in Corporate America in a variety of middle management and executive management positions. And, after being downsized yet again, I was introduced to the insurance business about 2 1/2 years ago. Here I was managers of companies and all sorts of things I did previously but it just wasn’t working for me. I can tell you this that in 5 months, I earned more money working with the Lampe Company, than I had in 18 months selling Health and Medicare products! Plus, I just earned my income ring, and two trips…one to Fiji and the other to the Dominican Republic. People need what we have and I love helping others each and every day!”

Roland K.

Erie, PA

Imagine the feeling you’ll get helping other people protect their assets—especially in these trying times.

You’ll go home in the evenings with a sense of pride. You’ll sleep great knowing you helped many people that day protect their assets in these uncertain times.

You’ll also be a highly paid professional that’ll be the envy of your friends and family.

But you won’t find out until you take that chance and fill out the form here
for your 1-on-1 appointment.

Diane and I have been helping people like you for 6 years.
And we want to add you to our team!

So please fill out the form here to schedule your 1-on-1 appointment.
We will contact you within 24-48 hours.

To your new rewarding career!

Diane Lampe

Diane Lampe

The Lampe Company LLC.  14677 Midway Rd. Suite 106 Addison, TX 75001
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